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6ft Away


Well, I feel it coming down again

Time to lick this falling curtain

Got my demons in the back

Laugh and drive into the black

Another bar I’ll find a friend 


Six feet away 


My eyelids, they haven’t shut in days

Got a cat food mouth and a pickled brain

My gin is shot and my conscience hanged

But I’m, I’m moving onI’m moving to

I’m moving onI’m moving to 


Six feet away 


Sewn my back against the wall

I’m not moving mountains

I can barely move at all

So if you’ve found a sanctuary

Lock the gates

‘Cause I’m 


Six feet away 


I eat this stale bread

Chewing harder with each short breath

And while I while away the hours

I’m guessing that my hour is a while away 

I chew this stale bread

Wash it down with a glass of regret

And time has wasted me

But I’m, I’m moving on

I’m moving to… 

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