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What Was


The shops are all closed, you finished up late

The sky stretches over the knowing landscape

And the folks are in houses, their gardens well kept

Dinner smells sweeping grey pavements you tread

And you stick out your neck in the cold winter air

Not whole by yourself nor as half of a pair

And they won’t let you go these things of the past

Goading you on with your briefcase and cask 


What was it that you wanted to say?


The stock’s running low, your faith even less

And they’re acting like strangers these ones you know best

And you passed the hat, yeah, you passed the blame

You passed them by when they called out your name

And now nobody is here and nobody cares

And nobody waits as you walk up the stairs

Your apartment is cold though your windows are closed

Looking out to the land where your sun always rose 


What was it that you wanted to say?


You try to hold on, your hands always slide

And you try to make sense but your net’s cast too wide

From the depths rises up a recurrent discourse

You fit through the night and you’re waking up hoarse

And you’re dying to hear what they’re dying to say

But you’re better off deaf ‘cause you’re dying anyway

But until you arrive at the end of the line

Just keep pushing it down as it crawls up your spine 


What was it that you wanted to say?



You’ve waited your turn, a worn grape in the sun

Long time ago burnt, long time ago done

And they’ve given you love but you can’t give it back

Burden burns coal on your one-minded track

And the days race ahead like the beats ‘neath your vest

As it fights like a knight and a beast in your chest

And they had you once, yeah, you could have confessed

Now it’s weighing you down like your stiff Sunday best 


Oh what was it that you wanted to say? 

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