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Angel Speak

Oh angel speak
Heal the silence
Oh angel speak
Fill the night

Inside the weeks
There are empty hours
And I cannot see
What lies beyond for me
Oh angel speak
Turn inside of me
Oh angel speak
Turn inside of me

Oh angel speak
Teach me your language
‘Cause I believe everything
Everything they tell me
Oh, but I will start again
And I will work backwards
And I will know better, I will try harder
And I will make you so proud of me

Oh angel what is happening
I cannot fight it
And I don’t know who to believe
They just keep on fighting
And I don’t know what is happening
And I don’t know who to believe
Oh angel let me in
You are always beside me

Oh angel speak
The night is breaking
I lie awake
The darkness taking me
Far out to sea
Watching the waves crash violently
On the shore
They look so small

Oh angel speak
This isn’t happening
And I don’t believe
What they are telling me
Oh season bring
Wildflowers opening
Sweet scent of jasmine on the wind
Heavy on the bough small, white flowers blossoming
And soft fruit on the ground, warm earth beneath my feet
Against the sky red apples ripening
Long lazy hours so sweet
And harps and violins
And creatures rousing from their sleep
And warm air scattering new seeds on new beginnings
And the sun blinking on the lake as it stretches beyond
Where the eye can dream
And golden light cascading
From strong branches teeming with golden leaves

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